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Leading From the Front

February 27, 2018

This past month we took a few minutes to sit down with the President of Unparalleled Concepts, Reggie Manley, to chat about what makes a great leader.  He shows us that good leadership takes small, significant steps everyday to make big changes in our lives.  Take a look below!




1.How does your background as a college football player shape you as a CEO?


Playing sports, especially on higher levels, requires great self-discipline and cooperation. If you want to be the best you must work harder than those around you, thus I found myself doing all of the extra little things to make a difference on the field. However, all my hard work would be useless unless I had a collaborative effort with my teammates. I can’t throw the ball to myself, or expect others to block for me if I didn’t block for them. So working to make the team better was just as, if not more, important than any personal accomplishments. You can’t win the game alone. I take the same beliefs into being a CEO. I take the extra opportunities to improve personally, while using a cooperative approach to guide the success of the office.


2. What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess?


I believe there are multiple characteristics, not just one, that defines a leader. The first of those is respectability.  Every leader must be respectable. You cannot lead people who do not respect you, as a person and as a leader. They must see that you are willing and able to roll up your sleeves and do the work and not just delegate.


3.What do you believe is the most important thing you do everyday to be successful?


Understanding my WHY, which for me is my wife and son. When I leave the house and give them both a kiss and tell them I love them, that is my contract to them that I will not fail to provide them a better life. Since I renew that contract every day, I have no choice but to succeed as Tara and Dylan James are counting on me.


4. What is the one business book you could read over and over?


My go to book is “How to win friends and influence People” by Dale Carnegie. The thoughts and principles are not just applicable in business, but everyday interpersonal communication.


5. What do you do to ensure you continue growing and developing as a leader?


I am always in search of knowledge and self-improvement. Reading, listening to podcasts and talking to mentors is important. I’m always in pursuit of learning something new, with the hope that I can use it effectively and pass it on to others.


6. As a CEO, how do you encourage creativity amongst your team?


We strive to have active listening and a collaborative work environment. I listen to and use ideas of my team and implement those ideas whenever possible.  Furthermore, I genuinely care about what happens to my team outside of office.  Success at home equals success in the office, thus I take interest in their personal lives, while maintaining a professional relationship.

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