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The Importance of Simple, Executable Plans

December 14, 2018

As we close on 2018, many of us are looking forward to the year ahead with excitement and a little bit of nerves thinking of what’s to come.   I’m the first to admit, I love the holiday season. The glow of twinkling lights, the festive music in all the stores and generally people seem to be a little nicer to each other.  I cherish this feeling.


For many years, this time of year brought a different kind of feeling: dread to my stomach.  I always had a small panic in the back of my brain knowing that January 1st was coming and I would start back at zero and fear I couldn’t keep up with the harsh demands and goals management had put before me.  I always felt like the plans we had laid out “together” were downright overwhelming and I never felt they were achievable in anyway. Yet, I blindly walked into the new year, knowing those plans probably weren’t going to work and I would be sitting in front of them come December saying “well, I just couldn’t get to it all.” Ugh..


Anyone else out there have the same feeling?


In the years since, as I started my own business, I have realized this is a problem that plagues most of us and not just in our professional lives.  We run around biting off more than we can chew, never pay attention to what works and what doesn’t and then kick ourselves when we can’t seem to get it all done.


Well, I for one am over it!


This year I will be working with our teams and those I coach on how to create goals that are both exciting and doable.  Goals can be simple and still be amazingly good goals – and I’m going to share with you how to do it. So, here we go!


Step 1:  Get a calendar.  Write where you are on Jan 1st and write where you would like to be December 31st.  The real trick here is to make this goal realistic.  This is not at all to say ‘set the bar low.’ It simply means to use a true barometer.  Want to be a doctor and currently only have a bachelor’s degree? Perhaps this year you should merely tackle getting into med school and starting classes.  Want to have four businesses by December, but you currently have zero? Let’s focus on getting you your own place with your name on the door.


What are your goals?  Pick one thing you really want to accomplish this year.  They can be as simple as take your first trip on an airplane or as complex as starting your own business.  Both require steps and action to get you there.


Step 2:  What are those steps to get you to your finish line?  Remember, simple and achievable is best.  Let’s for example assume you are reading this because you want your own office.  Okay, well you need three simple things: a team, money to start that office, and what your office is selling.  Period. That’s it. Don’t make it more complex than that. If wake up everyday thinking about those three things you will have your own office by the next time you hear “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”


Step 3: Action.  This is by far the most important step ever.  ACTION. People obsess about creating plans. Are they perfect?  But, what if I adjust this one thing! Maybe I should watch one more video on YouTube or read one more business book first! STOP.  ACT. Figure it out as you go along and don’t worry if you mess up. That is what life is about! Try something new and mess it up.  Then try again. Movement of any kind gets you closer to your goal.


Wake up everyday ready for action and create an environment where that is most possible.  What are your current barriers to action? Is your closet a disaster and causes you to have a meltdown each morning when getting ready?  What about breakfast? Do you skip it and then crash every day at 11 a.m.? See a pattern here? I believe in taking away all barriers to success.  So, take the few remaining days in December and get your house in order. This is the time you need to regroup and regain control before the New Year.


January 1st is coming and you’re ready to take this year by storm.  So, I ask: what will 2019 be for you?


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